Will Uhl

Will Uhl

Freelance Journalist & Editor

Will Uhl - Freelance Writer & Editor

About Me

I'm a journalist & editor from New Jersey. I love helping people polish their craft just as much as I love exploring anything worth writing about. I'm always looking for new & exciting projects.


I've written for a number of award-winning publications, including The Ithacan, Buzzsaw Magazine and PC Gamer. I also run an amateur games journalism website/portfolio, Super Combo.

My Skills

Writing - Whether for print, broadcast, or prose, I've got a solid breadth and depth of experience in writing.

Editing - I've been helping others improve their writing for projects both personal and professional.

Web Design - I've worked with a plethora of different tools and languages. Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Python, Java, Javascript, and Canvas.

Project #1

I started writing for PC Gamer UK in Fall 2013 as a freelancer.

"This is very good work. Almost perfect. Captures the game very well."
- Chris Thursten Editor at PCG UK

PC Gamer is an international publication under Future PLC, its main branches being the British and American editions.

Since then

I've continued to contribute articles such as a review of Skullgirls, a feature piece on a record label for game composers, a review of Blade Symphony and another feature on the Japanese Touhou Project. One of Blade Symphony's artistic environments

Project #2

Starting Fall 2013, I began writing for The Ithacan, an award-winning monthly newspaper for local news around the Ithaca, NY area. In the spring, I also wrote for Buzzsaw Magazine, an alternative monthly publication.

Working with experienced editors, I continue to hone my work and focus on writing for a more general audience.

The Ithacan

Project #3

In Spring 2014, I developed and maintained the food justice news blog All You Can't Eat using Wordpress. I worked with a small team to create and populate the website. We worked together to organize photo shoots and interviews, and independently to research topics and assemble our findings. I designed the logo, integrated social media, and ensured compatibility with video & offsite content.

All You Can't Eat
Pictured: Squiggly from Skullgirls, The Kid from Bastion, and Nepeta from Homestuck.

Project #4

Over the spring of 2013, I worked with Youth Tribes to research and explain trends among America's youth.

"Simply fantastic. Exactly what we were looking for." - Youth Tribes

During the brief spring break, I wrote about the expansive webcomic Homestuck, the unique appeal of Indie Games, and the emerging trend of Crowdfunding.

Project #5

In June of 2012, I began to write my own personal portfolio of games journalism, Super Combo.

Gaming news is just a quarter-circle away!

What I Did

Since I began, I've interviewed 3D modelers breaking into the industry, questioned the often disappointingly uninspired nature of magic in gaming, and reviewed the tranquil magic of the indie game NightSky.

Writing for Super Combo has been a fantastic exercise in putting my passion into practice. It's just as much a portfolio as it is a labor of love.

Project #6

In March 2013, I began working with Christo Brittain on his narrative-centric game under the working title Exile.

The first build in action.

What I've Done

I've worked as an editor, advisor, and sounding board for this project. We've been working together since March 2013 and making great progress. So far, I have:

  • Critiqued 10,000+ words worth of narration & dialogue.
  • Helped crystallize & develop narrative & characters.
  • Met at least once a week to discuss minute & overall progress.

Drop me a line

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(609) 759-0794
Mon - Fri, 9 am - 5 pm